• Newly developed tire cord cabling machine, CC5, using electrical sensor to control balloon.
  • 1.CC5 Innovative technical progress:
    1.1. Drive concept
    The CableCorder CC5 has a single spindle drive with frequency inverter technology which is controlled by a modern data bus system.
    1.2. Spindle design and yarn guidance
    We develop solutions that give our customers the added value they need. Newly developed machine components such as spindle pot, Cord Regulator and capstan set innovative standards in yarn guidance.
    1.3. Maximum quality is indispensable
    Tire cord is rightly expected to meet the highest standards, because it must be extremely resilient and guarantee the best possible safety. Online monitoring of the quality parameters with our newly developed quality sensor reliably ensures the required quality.
    1.4. Data exchange and communication
    The communication interface complies with the OPC UA standard and thus meets the technical requirements for networking with other system components. The CableCorder CC5 is thus equipped for incorporation into Industry 4.0 environments.
    1.5. Control panel (HMI) with multitouch technology
    With the new control panel and the completely revised user interface, controlling and setting of machine parameters has been made even more intuitive and faster. The operator receives all information required for the operation of the machine.

    2. CC5 Reducing energy consumption and costs:
    A core element of the development concept for the CableCorder is the consistent reduction in the energy required, compared to the previous generation. We have also remained true to this concept in the fifth generation. In this way, we give our customers the opportunity to improve significantly the profitability of their production.
    2.1. Slim balloon technology
    2.2. New energy-saving pots
    2.3. Stopping the drives

    3. CC5 Economical across the board:
    3.1. Same machine length – more spindles
    3.2. Reduced yarn waste
    3.3. Always at the optimum speed
    3.4. Low maintenance requirements

    4. Simple operation – best results:
    4.1. Optimum yarn path
    The new yarn path and the optimised arrangement of the yarn guiding elements deliver convincing results due to their convenient handling and allow you to work efficiently at the twisting position.
    4.2. Cord Regulator
    Optimum cord properties result from a perfect interplay of yarn-protecting guidance by means of well adapted surfaces of the yarn guiding elements and equal yarn tensions of outer and inner yarn thanks to precisely calibrated and correctly adjusted inner yarn tensioners. The Cord Regulator ensures further uniformity of tension and thus equal lengths of inner and outer yarn as well as a stable twist triangle, thus ensuring high cord quality. The reliable yarn guidance in the Cord Regulator leads to a faultless yarn path. Once threaded, it is no longer necessary to rethread over many package changes.
    4.3. Package conveyor belt
    Transport of the finished cross-wound packages to the end of the machine. There they can be conveniently removed. Connection to an automation system is also possible.

    • Twist range
    • Spindle size
    • Spindle gauge
    • Quantity of spindles
      200 spindles
    • Max. spindle speed
    • Twist direction
      S or Z
    • Winding traverse
    • Denier range

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