Polypropylene Fibrillated Yarn Production Line

  • The line can be used in many aspects, especially in various flat forming conversion of thermoplastics, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE etc. The yarn is mainly used for woven bags, jumbo bags, geotextile.
  • Plastic extruding flat film / yarn stretching line

    1. Characteristics:
    ★ Specially designed screw can be used for both virgin and recycled material;
    ★ Six moisture absorption pipes dry the film perfectly;
    ★ Double layer oven is opened by double cylinder which makes the hot air more even in the oven;
    ★ The oven use PID intelligent temperature control and power regulator;
    ★ Specially designed passage, making hot wind distribute evenly;
    ★ The take-off units use casting frame to keep rollers running smooth;
    ★ High quality reciprocated screw with critically process;
    ★ European standard safeguard system.

    The principal technical index of this line reaches international advancing level.
    This line has the performance of high speed,high producion,low energy consumption,good forming quality of the bobbin.
    The structure of this line is compact with a pleasing appearance,smooth running,flexible and reliable control excellent manufacturing technics,convenient and safe operation.

    • Machine type
    • Output (Kg/hr)
    • Screw Diameter
    • Width of die (mm)
    • Winder Spindles

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