Double Layers Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

  • This line is used to make HDPE or PVC double layers corrugated pipe.
  • Characteristics of the equipment

    A. Main characteristics of the production line:
    (1) UPVC Double walls wave shaped pipe extruding production line has applied high speed double screws extruder.
    (2) It has applied PE high efficient screw with channelled cylinder, materials of the inner layer & outer layer are independently supplied by two extruders, the inner layer & outer layer can use different colors or materials, high efficient extruding can be guaranteed.
    (3) Strong cooled wave shaping system can guarantee continuous high speed production. Advanced programmable lubrication system makes abrasion of the shaping mould reduce to the minimum. It has long life time. It guarantees operation precision and stable quality of pipe material.
    (4) Advanced on-line opening enlarging function of the wave shaping machine enlarges the opening. It can obviously reduce investment and increase the production efficiency.
    (5) Wave shaping mould made of special alloy material has rather high hardness and abrasion resistance. It has good heat disperse effect.
    (6) Advanced mould rapid change system can greatly reduce time of changing mould.
    (7) Special type of shaping mould can be designed according to user's requirements.

    B. Applications:
    Compared with non-profiled pipe of other structure, double walls wave shaped pipe of HDPE can guarantee lightest weight. This means cost of the pipe material can be greatly reduced and competitiveness of pipe market can be greatly improved. Because of the advantages of convenient connection and reliability and there is no need for special complicated pipe, double walls wave shaped pipes are widely used in foreign countries. It can largely replace previous concrete pipe and cast iron pipe. In China, with construction and development of underground sewer system, double walls wave shaped pipes have huge space for development.

    • Pipe diameter range
    • Line Speed
    • Output
      300kg/hr, 350kg/hr, 800kg/hr, 1200kg/hr, 1800kg/hr

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